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The leaderboard is updated every 20 minutes, after each round ends

Can you outwit other players and earn One Million coins before they do?

This is an ongoing game, and it will take some time for players to reach one million coins.

Players who return regularly to the game and slowly build their fortune will be at the top of the leaderboard and might reach one million!


Every 20 minutes - all day every day - rounds of One Million begin, whether you're playing or not.
When you start the game, you join the current round in progress.

How To Play

"Bid 500 coins"
Bids 500 of your coins to the "pot" which is common for all players in this round
"What is the multiplier?"
As the pot grows, the multiplier grows. Your payout at the end of the 20-minute round is your bet * multiplier. It starts at 1.1 and can grow as high as 5 times your bet. That's how you earn coins. This is the cooperative part of the game.
"Cash out"
Ah, but players can cash out before the round ends. You only get half as much profit as if you had waited until the round ended. But when players cash out, the pot shrinks, and potentially takes your bet with it. This is the competitive part of the game!
"What's the status?"
Check in on how big the pot is, how many players there are, how much time is left, etc. Should you hold until the end of the round for the big payout? Or cash out for less before the pot evaporates? Pay close attention to what others are doing!
"Use a round doubler"
Use a doubler to double your payout in a round!
"Use insurance"
Worried about losing your bet if others cash out? Insurance protects your bet so you can take a risk.

Mini Games

Play minigames during rounds to win more coins!
"Play Guess The Number"
"Play Fifty Fifty"
"Play Rock Paper Scissors"
"Play Push Your Luck"

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